We are all hyped up when we heard that Stan Lee is going to make a guest appearance in Comic Con Asia. The question is… ‘Is he really fit to travel?’

ComicCon Asia is produced by PSL Entertainment and Nam Entertainment Group, and is supported by Manny Pacquiao as the Philippines’ tourism ambassador. It is also said that this is Asia’s biggest convention of animation in Manila.

Their guest list isn’t complete yet but one of their headliner is the legendary comic book creator—Stan Lee itself.

Stan Lee, now 95-years old attended the Marvel’s  Black Panther premiere last January 30, 2018; Marvel Studios tweeted a photo of Stan Lee attending the premiere on a wheel chair.

People burst out their concern about Stan Lee making a guest appearance due to concern about his health.

On February 2, 2018, Stan Lee has been rushed to hospital after falling ill at his Los Angeles home.

Lee was said to be suffering from shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat.

Twice in the past year he was forced to cancel appearances at major conventions due to illness.

Now that the ComicCon Asia set their date on March 24 -25, 2018; Majority of their advance ticket selling is all to Stan Lee.

Based on ComicCon Asia facebook post Stan Lee will be doing a Q&A Session ($54.90), Autograph signing ($87.84), photograph session ($131.76) and an all-in Excelsior Package ($309.80)


Can you imagine…how many people will be going to this? Stan Lee will be exhausted for sure and I got concern about his health. He should be resting at his own comfort. Travelling from the United States to the Philippines could take 12 to 16 hours flight.

I am not against about Stan Lee going to the Philippines—(I’m one of his biggest fan too), but I want him to be safe and well. It such shame that the ComicCon Asia is using Stan Lee on their market which I find it so wrong that he’s an old man.

An interview on stage will do, but signing autographs with thousands of fans and a photo-op…I don’t think so…I’m hoping Stan Lee cancels his guest appearance.


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