Flowers.NL is an online store that delivers Flowers in every city in The Netherlands. They also work with a network of almost 1,200 Local Florist trough-out the Netherlands.

I always wonder… ‘Is it possible that I could send a gift to my loved ones in The Netherlands?’ well, as I keep searching on google—I found their website. I was overwhelmed that they could deliver fresh flowers in any parts of The Netherlands.

As you can see it was my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday (my soon-to-be-mother-in-law)  LOL. She was a bit down before her birthday and I wanted to cheer her up and make her day a bit special.

Flowers.NL got a lot of selection of flower bouquet and the prices are just right. Your order could be customized as long as you want and yes, they have a delivery fee (but not to worry it wasn’t that expensive). You could set the Date and Time on when you want them to be delivered. They accept all different kinds of payment and also they got a tracking system on which you could track your order status online.

*Due to my slow internet connection, I accidentally pressed the ORDER button like 5-times. I was worried that I got charged with my credit card. I immediately send them an e-mail, confirming the mistake that I made and I want the 4 orders to be cancelled since I accidentally pressed it 5-times. I was really nervous and worried. An hour later their customer service replied in a very friendly and professional way—he responded immediately and cancelled the 4 orders that I made (by mistake) and he told me that I will not be charged. Oh—Gott…what a relief.

At the exact date and time; they delivered the flowers based on my instruction. My boyfriend’s mom was totally surprised and it made her day. The flowers are so lovely.


They even hand-written the message that I type on their website.


I was totally satisfied with the company’s service and I do recommend it!

Here’s my review at



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