is one of the top online store in the Philippines. (ahem) Well is it???

Based on my experience…the first time I bought something at was completely TRAUMATIZING! Why? Well, I purchased a Bluetooth headset (a Bluedio Turbine Hurricane) it was supposed to be my gift to myself since it’s my birthday. I was so excited and patiently waiting for my order to arrive.

The delivery was fast but as I have opened the plastic. I saw that the sealed tape of my box is broken (it means someone opened it) at first I was like… ‘well, they must’ve test it.’ but when I opened the box, I saw that the headphone cushions are damaged and when I try to connect the Bluetooth headphone to my phone. It wasn’t connecting. In short they give me a shitty ass DEFECT! I am soo pissed like I’m going to be mad. FYI this is my first time purchasing something on

In a bit of panic and anger —I tried to calm myself and contact their customers service. They give me instructions on how to return the item. I gave them my order number then I went to the nearest LBC Branch and send the damaged item back to the Lazada warehouse. Sending it through LBC is free — so no need to worry about paying the shipping fee.

It took them like 3-5 days to review the returned damage item then they will send a new proper working one (I hope).

And yet I have waited (again) after another additional 2 days and I finally received a proper brand new item. The box was sealed. The Bluetooth headphones are working properly. Finally.

Overall, I do not recommend if you’re going to order some electronic devices. I have searched the google for some other people’s review about Lazada and majority of it are all BAD REVIEWS (like they ALWAYS love to send DEFECT to customers).

After the bad experience I had with Lazada, I NEVER WENT BACK. Like I told you…I WAS TRAUMATIZED. I don’t know why are they still on the TOP Online Store in the Philippines after all the complains about their defective products. Did I also mention they sell FAKE ones too? Gott —I really hope someone sue them and shut them down.  Well…NEVER AGAIN and yeah, I WARNED YOU so don’t be surprise if it happens to you too.


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