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Let me get this straight…Netflix’s The Open House is seemingly interesting to watch, due to they cast the actor Dylan Minnette from the 13 Reasons Why. Well, don’t let it fool you because the movie itself is a HUGE let down.

The movie starts with a teenage boy named Logan, living a happy life with his family. Until one night he witnesses a tragic freak accident of his father. Now worrying about their financial status, Logan’s mother Naomi, agrees to move into her sister’s secluded mansion until it sells.

A little they know that there is this mystery man who keeps haunting them at night.

The movie doesn’t explain why there is a MAN who keeps creeping them out in the middle of the night, and what is the hidden story of the basement. It is so unclear in so many ways.

In short the movie is just full of jump scares, and leaves you hanging with a lot of questions.

I regretted watching this movie, and I can’t blame the actors…they did a great job, but the writers sucks at creating this into a movie.




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