Hot Topic is an American retail chain specializing in counterculture-related clothing and accessories, as well as licensed music. The stores are aimed towards an audience interested in rock music and video gaming, and most of their audience ranges from teens to young adults.” —Wikipedia

I have been geeking out lately about Riverdale and of course majority of their famous franchise are clothes. When I searched the internet; if the CW’s Riverdale got their own store, I have been liked out to Hot Topic via Google.

I heard of Hot Topic before but I wasn’t so sure if they do shipping on international. So I browse their website and finally ‘YES, THEY DO SHIP FROM THE OTHER COUNTRY.’

They were currently known as the officially licensed merchandise in some other brands, it guarantees that everything that you order from them were LEGIT.

Hot Topic got your size —from XS to Plus Size. A good size for everybody!

The shipping is a bit expensive if you lived far away from America but they will give you a tracking for it. Also they got a secured payment options (so no worries).

I ordered three (3) t-shirt from Riverdale.

The shirt fits perfectly! The quality is superb! I would definitely going to order again from Hot Topic soon.


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