*waves* Hi Everyone!

I know that I have been on and off into the blog community in these past few years and I have decided to make a comeback.

Some people may know me from my unboxing blogs and some as a freelance event photographer. Well good news to those people who still remember me…”I’m back!”

I am not that good in english grammar but it will do. Hahaha.

Well, it’s been a years since I blog. What can I say? I am busy person dealing with my reality. It’s been tough and stressful. Things happen in my life…I learned some new experience and not to mention that I’m still goole-ing for some answers (lol) 😆.

This new blog of mine, contains some of my RE-POSTED entries from my previous blog and I’m going to put a lot of random news from the internet and even promoting my first-time small business (which is open for Philippine continent at the moment). Also I am going to blog about some of my experience in my life (so I could help some people–with the same situation).

I want eveyone to feel FREE  and welcome. Don’t worry my blogs won’t contain any dramas (hahaha). We’re going to be POSITIVE kinda-blog and PLEASE NO HATE!

I think that’s all for now. ~XOXO~


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