I’m a fan of Medieval stuff…I have been searching for a perfect gift for my boyfriend, his brother and his dad (Manly Gift!). Luckily I know AliExpress.

I just type the word “medieval” and among of all the results I found Maimon’s store in AliExpress. They got a lot of GEEK stuff in their store. I am overwhelmed on how many good stuff that they’re selling. They got good reviews from people who purchased their items.

After all of the browsing I have decided to buy 3 (three) wolf goblets and 1 (one) skull goblet:


Cool huh?! They got a $3 standard AliExpress shipping that took about 3-4 weeks and if you’re in a hurry you could choose a different shipping method (but ofcourse it will cost you more shipping fee).

It was properly packed and it came SAFELY at my door step.


Also the goblets are packed with styrofoam and plastic for safe keeping…


Overall, the goblets are definitely A-MUST-GIFT!

and here is a photo of my boyfriend and his brother



You can order here at Maimon’s Official Store at AliExpress (https://maimon.aliexpress.com/store/1014276)


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