is an online retail service made up of mostly small Chinese businesses offering products to international online buyers.

Cheap prices + free shipping?! That’s a really good deal! AliExpress is one of Alibaba’s subsidiaries. Majority of their supplies come from the actual factory, that’s why it’s cheap and fresh!

If you’re that kind of person who aim for a very high quality such as gadgets, clothes, make-ups and jewelries…well this store ain’t going to pass your standards, because AliExpress are all ‘China’ products and some of them are just copy-cats (which kinda look legit). Some of them are legit and some of them not…but as for me, I’m that kind of online shopper who are not that choosy when it comes to quality.

I have been their loyal customer for 3-years and I am proud to say that ever since I discovered AliExpress, I never ran out of ideas when it comes to buying something new. I enjoy buying unique stuff like cute bags, stationary accessories, keychains & wall decals.


Also since I’m one of those ‘Chubby-Curvy’ girls, it’s tough for me to find some clothes here in the Philippines and sometimes it’s a bit pricey. Luckily AliExpress is OPEN to all SIZES! That’s why I purchased some of my clothes here especially some of my Bra (44 D-cup) LOL and did I mention that they got a lot of sexy plus-size swimwears?! 😀  but before you buy you have to make sure that the STORE RATING is LEGIT and don’t forget to read the descriptions and the feedbacks of other customers. Some of their clothes doesn’t looked like the same as the picture so BEWARE! Better read those FEEDBACKS if I were you. Since the size is in asian sizes, you have to consume a +1 of your size. Like if you’re a Large in (US/Europe) you have to order an XL.


They accept credit cards and have a customer protection–thing… that if you didn’t receive your order within 30-60 days you will get an automatic refund. (Which never happened to me anyways).

I fully trust this store and speaking of FREE SHIPPING you have to take a long patience on waiting because it will took like 3-4 weeks before you recieved it. They also have other shipping options if you’re in a hurry such as (DHL, FedEx, etc…).

So overall AliExpress is definitely worth it and you can trust this website with your online shopping experience.


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