By Edwin P. Sallan & photos by MJ Maramba,

Hollywood child sensation Millie Bobby Brown was easily the toast of the just concluded AsiaPop Comicon Manila.

The 12-year-old Spanish-born British actress started her career at the age of six when she was cast as young Alice in the fantasy series “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” But it was her breakout role this year in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” as Eleven, a young girl with psychokinetic abilities, that has turned her into a global phenomenon.

At AsiaPop Comicon, Millie was the Hollywood celebrity that everyone wanted to see. She was a hit in her meet-and-greet and autograph sessions as local celebrities like Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano and Jugs Jugueta could not hide their admiration for her. Even “X-Men” and Mad Max: Fury Road” star Nicholas Hoult, who is also among the event’s top Hollywood attractions, unabashedly admitted to being a fan of Millie during his own media session.

In an exclusive interview with InterAksyon, Millie talked extensively about her “Stranger Things” experience, how the show and its 1980s setting have influenced her preferences in life and music, and (spoiler alert) what she thinks happened to Eleven.

On having Eleven’s powers:

If I need chocolate or something, Eleven’s powers would definitely be very helpful. If I’m in an audition, I’d like to know what they’re thinking. Like, ‘Oh they don’t like me, let’s leave.’

On living in the 1980s:

Absolutely. I’d rather live in the 80s. I’m jealous of my parents, they have a lot of freedom and I wish I have that.

On Eleven’s now famous stare:

This was my own idea. I wanted to do a stare that would creep people out, would look really bad-ass and very original and [so] I came up with that.



On the other kids on the series:

Noah [Schnapp who plays the missing kid, Will] is my best friend but the boys are like my big brothers. I spent six months with them so we argued [but] we love each other. We’re very, very close.

On working with ’80s star Matthew Modine:

I call him Papa in real life. We talk almost every day. He’s just the best person to work with, ever. Among the other actors, me and Matthew have this amazing chemistry on the screen. I love working with him. He’s really amazing.

On listening to ’80s music:

I used to watch ’80s movies but did not [listen to ’80s] music. Then I started getting into the music and I love it now. My favorite song from ‘Stranger Things’ is ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie and, when I’m on the set, I always play it and now I know all the words.

I remember one day on set. It was the day Mike put some make-up on Eleven and surely it would be a good idea to play music and we played The Clash and also Guns N’ Roses. It was really fun.

Millie Bobby Brown posing solo and having fun with her bodyguards at the AsiaPop Comicon Manila (Photos by Loreen Ordoño)

On Eleven’s favorite Eggo waffles:

I am a fan. I do like them. It’s just the amount of times I have to eat them [on the show]. After a while, I had a spit bucket. But other than that, they’re really tasty.

On her preference of roles and genres:

I’m really, really open-minded. I love comedies, romances, thrillers, sci-fis. But I just keep on bumping into sci-fis and thrillers. I’ve auditioned for many, many comedies. I would love to work with everyone.

On returning as Eleven should ‘Stranger Things’ get a second season:

I don’t even know if there is a second season. I don’t have an official confirmation yet. I don’t know if my character is coming back. If she is, it’ll be great, if she’s not, it has been an amazing season.

On what she thinks happened to Eleven after ‘Stranger Things’:

I think she’s in LA, on a sunbed with a nice can of Coke, relaxing and sunbathing.



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