By MJ Maramba,

From his voice role as Iron Man’s artificial intelligence system JARVIS in the Marvel cinematic universe, British actor Paul Bettany landed a flesh-and-blood superhero role as the Vision in the most recent entry in the “Avengers” franchise, “Age of Ultron”.

Naturally, he prefers playing the latter gig, but then the former came with the irresistible lure of easy money.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” he said in his public panel at the Asia Pop Comic Con on Saturday. “You know when I played JARVIS, I would come in and do two hours’ work and then they would give me a big bag of money, and I leave like a thief. And now, I have to actually work for my money”.

Nevertheless, Bettany confessed that his second fiddle status to Iron Man extended to his personal life. He said his daughter Agnes, one of his two children with his wife, the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly, is “in love with Robert Downey, Jr.”

“That’s slightly humiliating… I was trying to get her to send a video message that said, ‘I love the Vision more than you’ and send it to him. But instead, I had to send him one where she says: ‘I love you, I love you! I love you more than my daddy!’,” he said to much laughter from the crowd.

His answer was a no-brainer, therefore, when he was asked to name the Marvel character he would like to trade places with. “Of course, Iron Man. And he’s also the best paid,” he said.

Bettany, whose acting credits include “A Knight’s Tale”, “Gangster No. 1″, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”, Dogville” and “The Da Vinci Code”, said he has no dream role.

“I don’t have a dream role, I just love great writing. When I read great writing, I fall in love with it,” he said.

Bettany will return as Vision in the upcoming film “Captain America: Civil War”, an updated trailer of which was shown at the event.

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