– Jesse the Cowgirl doll is one of the main characters in the Toy Story] is finally
The debut on SCI-FI Revoltech!
– Big eyes you have Innovation chestnut, can be moved restlessly in the desired direction from the back side,
I direct the expression is full of variations.
– Face different parts of the expression are three types attached, remove the front half, in the face of like Jesse
Replacement is possible.
– Rope is also possible that it is possible to adjust the size of the wheel by moving the position of the knot, and to have it wrapped in hand throwing.
Reproduce – details such as the string of back and cow pattern design of Chaps to match the settings.
– Use the revolver of 16 in the main body. Without deteriorating the overall form, and move freely limbs
thereby, braid ponytail also moving.

[Figure Details
– Moveable spots: all 17 places
– Joint use number: 16 (8mm joint × 7,6 mm × 5,4 mm joint joint × 4)

Options face × 2
Options Hand × 7
Cowboy Hat × 1
-Rope × 1 Throw


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