NKRX has been in the online shopping business since 2006. They began in TipidPC marketing Saitek keyboards and various computer peripherals. As their market grew, they expanded to include special orders for hard to find items which they source worldwide.

They were the very first company to introduce products like Amazon Kindle and their tablets, Anker & Aukey power banks, GoPro cameras, Urban Armor Gear and many more.


Back in the days I don’t have my own credit card, so it is hard for me to buy something online—especially on amazon.

Luckily I found them on facebook. They were very responsive answering all your inquiries.

You have to provide them the links of the item that you want and then they will send you an amount of how much it will be including the taxes and the shipping fee. (to be honest it’s a little bit pricey, but I have no choice…I really want to have it. (lol)

I have purchased a lot of items in amazon thru them. I think I made like 4 to 5 transactions with them.

I do recommend them. If you don’t have a credit card or if the item that you want to purchase abroad is not shipping in The Philippines. They’re the one who could make it happen.


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