Hero of space, Buzz Lightyear with a grin! With adjustable eyes for a variety of expressions, and range of accessories. You can create poses freely, just like from the film! – Includes different expression option face, to recreate that characteristic expression of Buzz! – The eyes can move curiously, to create many expressions!

You can move the eyes by using a special tool from the back of the face, enabling you to move them up and down, left and right, and create the expressions imaginable!

The limit is to infinity, and beyond! – The signature of the owner, Andy, has been fully reproduced too! Under the leg, the mark of his favorite has been accurately reproduced!!

You can feel Andy’s love for Buzz. – With the use of pull-out extension parts, you can create bold poses! The arm parts that can be posed as if being pulled out of the body, combined with the Revolver joint, allows a movement range of over 180degrees horizontal movement (almost 360degrees for vertical movement)! With great movement range, you can even create the laser gun shooting pose from the film! – The thumb and the other fingers can be posed too!

You can create a better-detailed poses with hand gestures! – The included Space Wing is detachable!

The Buzz with Space Wings folded away, and the Buzz with his Space Wings stretched out fully, you can enjoy them both!


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