It is everyone’s dream to work at a Gaming Industry, but the question is does the company —stable enough to keep its employees? Do they pay you enough?

I am an IT-Graduate and working at the gaming industry was my First Job. At first I was incredibly overwhelmed that I got hired by the pioneered, online gaming business in the Philippines. (I don’t want to mention the Company’s Name due to some of personal reasons).

I got hired as one of the Development Team (Website), I organized the website analytics and so does the quality checking and approvals of the website updates. It was an easy job, but sometime I struggle when I made a report and ended up my boss blame me for my mistake. The pay was low, but it’s a good start since it was my first job.

Majority of the employees who worked at the Gaming Industries are male. So I befriended with a lot of male colleagues.

The office ambiences were very homey. You can bring your own toys (action figures like gundams, neca toys…etc..) anything that makes you feel comfortable at your working desk.

It’s been a crazy ride, we got a lot of meetings on how to IMPROVE the market and we need more NUMBERS. Like every week —there’s a meeting.

I learned new experiences working with marketing too, you know. I have my own moments when I contribute with a very genius idea.

Going on-field to do a gaming tournament event is the most fun at all!

Yet in the end, when the company’s market crashed from the bottom —they will retrenched some employees (up to 70%) and that’s how I lose my job. (I worked for 9-months in total). Well I am not surprised because I’m the newly-hired and they choose the old ones to remain since they know how to handle the company.

Working at the Gaming Industry is like gambling. You don’t know whether the company’s market is earning or losing. I deeply suggest that if you’re planning to work at the Gaming Industry —try to apply on the biggest gaming company like Play Station, XBOX, Capcom…etc…  A small gaming company could be a great start for you to get hired but you cannot tell if it is stable enough to keep your job for a lifetime.




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